The Impact of being “Just Friends” on a Young Adult

Most everyone with a pulse has at one time or another been on the receiving end of the “just friends” conversation. It sucks.  Really sucks.  And it leads us to overthinking, self-doubting, and, more than anything, discouragement.  We want to feel wanted.  We want to be affirmed that we are attractive enough, funny enough, smart…… Continue reading The Impact of being “Just Friends” on a Young Adult

Stop Booing Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has dominated the media, dating back to the Preseason when he decided to sit for the National Anthem, and later kneel. Kaepernick has continued his stance (or lack thereof), saying that he is “Not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses…… Continue reading Stop Booing Colin Kaepernick

Sharing is not Daring

Let’s talk about millennials. Sure, we can’t paint an entire generation with a broad brush.  Some are deeply conservative, some deeply liberal.  Some are traditional, others much more progressive.  But we have some things in common.  We want to get involved in the political discussion.  We are full of energy.  We are highly tech-savvy.  And…… Continue reading Sharing is not Daring

You’re Talking to Me?

I always felt bad for those people.  You know, “those people.” The ones whose anxiety and depression struggles were publicized.  The people who had stories written about them on Facebook, detailing their years of struggle with nobody to turn to.  The people who were so mentally unstable that they had to see therapists.  The people…… Continue reading You’re Talking to Me?

Hold the Door

I’m fourteen and I hate my parents.  Hate is a strong word you say.  Well it’s not strong enough.  When I come down for breakfast with my hood up or brush past them after getting off the bus, they routinely fail to take the hint.  And why talk to them?  Conversation rarely ends in my…… Continue reading Hold the Door

Be the Change

When I took the leap and decided to become a youth minister at my new church, I faced my own heavy expectations.  A cradle Catholic, I was certain my knowledge and faith would far exceed all of the other volunteers, many of whom are still in high school and recently went through Confirmation.  High school…… Continue reading Be the Change