Sharing is not Daring

Let’s talk about millennials. Sure, we can’t paint an entire generation with a broad brush.  Some are deeply conservative, some deeply liberal.  Some are traditional, others much more progressive.  But we have some things in common.  We want to get involved in the political discussion.  We are full of energy.  We are highly tech-savvy.  AndContinue reading “Sharing is not Daring”

You’re Talking to Me?

I always felt bad for those people.  You know, “those people.” The ones whose anxiety and depression struggles were publicized.  The people who had stories written about them on Facebook, detailing their years of struggle with nobody to turn to.  The people who were so mentally unstable that they had to see therapists.  The peopleContinue reading “You’re Talking to Me?”

Fellas: We’ve Lost Our Touch

When I was in kindergarten, a girl kissed me on the cheek.  I can barely even remember it, but I must’ve done something fairly sweet that won her over.  The entire fling was wrapped up in a child-like innocence, one that many teens and young adults would look at and chuckle.  But I would argueContinue reading “Fellas: We’ve Lost Our Touch”

A Recent Graduate’s Guide to Being Alone

I hated college until the minute I left.  I then realized how much I had loved college.  Alas, I can’t go back.  Not to the fairy tale that was undergraduate at least. Now many of my friends have taken completely different routes since graduating college.  Some are going on to further their education, some are staying atContinue reading “A Recent Graduate’s Guide to Being Alone”

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